I Printed A Map And Assumed A Certain Street Was Mere Steps Away From A Building I Had To Visit...

...it was NOT. I had to walk more than 10 blocks in the sweltering heat and because I underestimated the nearness of the office, I had to powerwalk there (I didn't want to pay more by riding a cab). I had a great laugh about it with my client =)

While talking, she revealed that their company has a sister company creating shoes, and I was ecstatic because the footwear I don at the office was that exact brand. So I was all "Omg, that's what I have on!", stuck out my feet, and... I wasn't wearing the shoes. I changed into these normal blah flats (so that I could walk faster) and forgot to change back in my 'power heels.'

Oh well =) I kept that client anyway. ^_^

sodancewithme sodancewithme
26-30, F
Feb 21, 2010