I Am Also A Double Fire With A Rising Cancer

i am an aries sun, sagittarius moon, with a rising cancer. I see this conflicting combination in almost everything i do. I am an aries, I am a ram, I am active, strong, act on impulses, follow my gut. in my family, i am the youngest, but also the first to do almost everything. I am also a sagittarius. i was the first in my family to leave the country, and i have traveled all over the world. i love nature, feel my best in it. I am a double fire for sure. Everything you read about a fire sign is me and more. But then, I am also a cancer rising... which is incredibly conflicting on my overwhelming fire-ness. It makes me emotional, and while I always have so much going on in my life I internalize everything. and i am incredibly close to my family, although i am loyal to them and protect them with the fierceness of my fire signs.
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1 Response Jul 27, 2010

yh its the same with me there is an attraction and a tendency to be a homebody there also a bit backward looking and meloncholy attimes but hey the rising sign is just the "mask" one wears or how u are percieved in new situations the moon sign is the real you if anything