Double Fire Sign But Dampened Down A Bit With A Waer Rising Sign

oh yeah i definetley comform to the typical firesign personalities i am a leo sun sign with an aries moon 3 36 am but my rising sign is cancer?????? :S, this is real confusing for me cause fire and water dont mix well do they lol any1 else got fire and water clashin anywhere in there sign letme know

22-25, M
3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Actually fire and water do work together…fire/heat helps change water from solid to liquid to vapor…the water in clouds, for instance, is not possible without the fire element (sun) to heat it and give it its form. All things are interdependent and one.

My Sun and Moon are Aries, Saggitarius rising. Mercury in Pisces, so a little drop of water is present!?

lol ye im pretty sorry for me too i just dont kno where the cancer comes in2 the equation