Did Some Digging Re Ms. Gillian Mckeith

I was curious about Gillian McKeith, a recent guest on the Dr. Oz show.  On Wikipedia, under "Education and qualifications" I found some disturbing information about her....I suggest that you read the entire section.  I am concerned that Dr. Oz's staff did not delve into her background enough before inviting her to be on the show. 

Particularly worrisome is the following from Wikipedia:

Physician Ben Goldacre, writing in the The Guardian's "Bad Science" column, speculated on rumours that parts of McKeith's PhD thesis may have been published as a 48-page pamphlet entitled "Miracle Superfood: Wild Blue-Green Algae" and ridiculed the pamphlet as Cargo Cult science full of "anecdote, but no data."[19] Goldacre applied on-line to the American Association of Nutritional Consultants in the name of his dead cat and succeeded in getting the same "certified professional" membership as that possessed by McKeith. The price was $60.[20]

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Feb 24, 2010