I Am A Dragon

wise beyond my years, younger than my skin, scaly and crusty on the outside, childlike inside, devious, playful, hard, razor tongued, hot searing breath, sexually aggressive, shy, bold, seemingly indifferent, a champion of the meek, at ease in the dark, refueled buy the sun.................and I eat fair maidens
teutonicdragon teutonicdragon
51-55, M
6 Responses Apr 18, 2011

How about ******* those fair maidens?

So 1. How old is your dragon form? 2. What do you look like ( your dragon form that is)? 3. Can we be friends? 4. Have you ever meet a red dragon named deltorix?

whoa, I didn't realize you were red. Did you happen to have a sister? Water dragon, or earth? Or was your mate a water dragon?

hmmm Im fair skinned and a maiden , hmmm can we negotiate the eating thing , maybe just a stern warning and a ride through the clouds.

WOW! Great to know you! You sound just fantastic ! Not afraid ...... yet ! lolol xox

be affraid, be very affraid

rawrrr :p

Hiya B3lla :) xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo