A Dragon Trapped In A Mans Body

I could be, probably not though... I do have a spirit similar to what the dragon is shown as. With this in mind I figure it's possible I am just "imprisoned" and after some radical behavioral modification I'll be "fit for society." After which I may be set free unto the world once more and hopefully will have learned my lesson by that time.

If not, at least it sounds cool.
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Wait a second. Now i remember my past life all out of sudden. I think i was a Red Dragon? i was punished for abusing my dragon powers. Now here i am. Dragon soul in a human body.
I should've used my powers for good -.-

That's exactly how I look at it. I'm trapped in this human body, for now. Best thing I can do is respect it and take good care of it and present a good image to the world. We dragons are here, in this life as humans, to learn something, to live amongst and appear like these strange naked apes who rule the world. We will take what lessons and wisdom from them that we can, and then we will move on and resume our dragon bodies in another time, in another place. However, I don't know that being a human is necessarily punishment ... it may be a way of preserving our dragon souls until we are free to be our true selves again. An unfortunate necessity, but not necessarily punishment.

Ah, perhaps being human is simply the means to an end.

I have to say though, it doesn't really seem these "strange naked apes" are running the show. Publicly sure, yet the scale and complexity of modern deceit appears beyond their capabilities. Not to mention a clear indifference toward the progression of the species.

"A clear indifference toward the progression of the species." WELL put! Verifiable on so many levels, I would not even know where to start ... As for being in a human body and operating within the limits of a human mind, it could be a means to an end. Or it could be a brief "middle period" of our existence, in which we're being schooled for some reason. A dragon's natural life is so long that 80 years or so of passing as human is a comparative drop in the bucket, but it's an experience that shapes us later on in our lives.

I feel so too, but i do know.<br />
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I am Agreviatos, or maybe i should say was, for now i am a human with the name Teo. I became too arrogant and felt that i was superior all other.<br />
<br />
I was punished, banished, forced to walk the earth as a human.<br />
<br />
It is sometimes horrible, sometimes fantastic, but, i have learned my lesson, i will not become too self-important. But, when i do return, i will have revenge on those who sent me here.

Holding a desire for revenge will keep you in bondage.

Find the necessity of your being here and you'll overcome the resent toward it.