Hey I am Crystal, well yeah I am a dragon, I am looking for my family within a past life, mainly my father, his name was Trothar. I also need help in becoming who I was again. I feel so lost, where I am there is no one like me. Can anyone help?
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I know were to find Trothar.

But I may just lie because... Well I'm the God of Lies!

I havent heard from him in a while if anyone has plz tell me

Trothar is my master

My friend is trothar, I'm deltorix do you know me?

I know Trothar! His ep name is PureTrothar

I am the Lion, the Witch and also the wardrobe. That makes me a dragon. Your father is dead, buried deep in Antarctica. Your old you died when you turned to the dark side. You cannot be the shining knight you once were.

You know that if I'm her father I'm going to baked u to a crisp and crush u like a bug


Hello small one

MSG me if you want to talk Axel

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I am the Dragon and the Lion. We, each and everyone, are attuned to differing Energies. Each life is but a part of a great transformation,...stepping stones. Don't worry as much about who you were, but how you are, because it will reflect upon who you will be.

well what do you mean by first your not like anyone else what makes you think that?

I mean in my area.

So are you saying you like computer games? And Card games, or fantasys? Cause I dont knw what you mean by area

alright well im confused so i dont knw if i can help you out cause i dont have a clue why ur so different from every body lol if you just told me that Id be able to help you out :)

I know how you feel about not knowing the past and not having anyone around to talk about anything, but trust me, the past is the past, learn from it and then look to trying to forge a bright future.

O_O my grandfather's name is Trothar

O.O really?

Yes ^_^ my name is Litel

Mines is Crystal :)

Sweet ^_^

Yippero :)

So you might be my aunt ^_^

Maybe :)

Yay lol ^_^ (sorry I'm a hyper child)

Depends if he is my father I guess.

Yes but there can't be many Trothars

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