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Hey This Is A Real Dragon Spell

Dragons Spell
Hey say the dragon spells only 10 times also make a beat saying the spell u can do day & night but make sure it's windy outside the spell will work saying 10 time so yeah here is the Dragon Spell

Dragons Dragons, Fire Breathing Dragons Dragons, Scaly Skin make me, turn me, transform me into the
glowing beast within wings, wings in the sky soaring, floating, streaking
high fire breathing,fire breathing dragons, dragons dragon

That's the spells so just have fun let me know it works :)

ArtMusicLife ArtMusicLife 22-25, F 3 Responses Jun 28, 2013

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If you do turn into a dragon then you will need to be able to concentrate very hard to turn back into a human. Yes I am a dragon.

Good poem ,mam, and one that i can relate to because i am into dragons in a major way and even tend to see myself as an actual dragon.Does that seem nuts?Yes, but who said i was truly normal?

you know if that works. IF. then one wouldnt be able to use a keyboard anymore. cuz dragons are huge and strong and got them talons and the keyboards are kinda plastic and break easy under the strength of a dragon. I guess not many will actualy be able to answer if it did what its supposed to do; if at all, they will be in the news. mean a living firebreathing dragon like "REIGN OF FIRE" style will sure make a lot of news when it starts attacking the local cities and feed on humans. which would be kinda fun. compared to a real dragon, theyre squishy and tasty and helpless too;<br />
<br />
<br />
show me a real dragon and I believe you. I would like see one, I was always fascinated by their raw power and destructive capability.

I am a dragon

I honestly believe that shes a dragon I have tried dragon spells and they work I am working on a dragon spell to put out

Well she could always transform back into a human