I Seek Out Drama

I've pretty much come to admit that I'm a drama queen. I thrive on life being interesting, and when everyone is getting along and everything is going well, it's boring. It's not really that I create drama so much as I seek it out. I make friends with people with strong personalities, I speak my mind and inevitably, dramatic situations pop up.
shayla shayla
18-21, F
3 Responses Apr 2, 2007

sadly for me I'm only 11 and I'm a drama queen but I tend to live with it. I don't cause the drama the drama comes to me.

I am a drama queen. Not the bad kind. You see, that kind gets a lot of press lately. Nope, I'm the good kind. The kind that finds fun and does everything with a flourish! Tis fun to be me!

I am also rather dramatic. Life should be as a river is...ever changing, and ever flowing. I may not go out of my way to cause trouble, but I will things a push if it starts to slow down.<br />
If I cannot create real drama, then I will create fictional drama.