Challenges In Life And What Would You Do

there are many types of challenges in life some it maybe where i'm gonna find a job at some are where and when will my next meal come from and wonder how can i pay this bill and how can i buy food and some wonder how i'm i going to pay this doctor bill some wonder how can i pay for this burial of a loved one are a friend and wonder can i even pay for collage whether it is for yourself or your child and some don't even have to wonder but they do wonder will today be the day that i die? there are many types of challenges in life and for me it is raising my children. see i'm a single mother don't get me wrong i do have help and support from my family they do help me allot but the thoughts are still there i'm a doing all i can do? is there more i should do to improve there lives .if i change my life style now would the out come turn out how i pray for it ? my challenge in life is will i raise my son to be a good man will he not grow up to do drugs,hit woman, go to jail will he go to college be a man of GOD will he try his best to do all the right things?   yes i know he will make mistake we all do,and my daughters will they be the same that i dream for my son will they be independent woman will they be woman of GOD will they find a good husband , will they treat their selves with respect ,will they raise there children with lots of love . like i said we all have challenges in life that's not the question the question is what are you going to do with it when it it comes your way how will you act will you steal for food lie to someone for a job never spend that extra 20 dollars a month for burial not make an agreement with the hospital are doctor to try to pay the bill even if it is only 5 dollars a month are not even worry are wonder about sending your child to colleague even if they could be the one to Mark a differing in the world .are  are you going to give up on GOD the creator of all things in just because you did'NT get what you prayed for or it was'NT when you wanted or curse him for not curing a loved one  where is your faith at he said leave Ever thing to him yes we should do are part to like get off are buts and look for that job be smart with your money buy the things that you know you can streach to feed your serf and your family if you have one.lets keep the faith pray harder when those challenges come to us and never give up on GOD cause everything and ever one has a purpose we may not always know what are how but keep the faith and we will See  GOD bless and peace out
coockyred coockyred
26-30, F
Jul 14, 2010