In a world of fantasy

yes am a dreamer and thinks deeper... fantasize more often especially in my quiet moments to escape some cruel realities in this life. I dream of romance coz my life has none and think someday I can have one. I dream of everlasting love because my heart is always in doubts and I believe someday someone will erase every skepticism that prevails inside me. I think so much and I think fast, sometimes it puts me in a bad light but am willing to retract if my thoughts become too slippery for someone to step on it. But hey, anyone can be so careless more often than not. We're just humans not aware that our emotions can create chaos we never intend to dwell upon. The good thing is. we really like to be enlightened if someone is patient enough to deal with one erratic mind...I dream that someday my life will be complete and fulfilled because I believe I deserve it.

You will always catch me in a pensive mood during my unguarded moments coz my mind acquire deep thoughts, there wont be a day in my life when I don't daydream, it's always in my itinerary because dreaming and thinking altogether combined make me smile, laugh, happy. sad and all other mixed emotions that I am dealing with. Half of my everyday life is somehow spend in a thorough flash of fantasy mode coz I long for a fairy tale and a happy ending ... Who else doesn't?
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thanks..deep thinking dreamer?..well sort of!


we all have some dream.. because when we dream, we can have what we don't in reality.. so, what can i say?? let's DREAM ON!!

it's one of the freebies life can give without causing us any untoward event...dream of big dreams...why not?

same here.. dreamin all the time.. Just dreamin..

absolutely!..! even it's too good to come true, we still want to achieve a fairy tale because in the deepest corner of our hearts, happiness is craved for! We just want harmony and seek for it untiringly.

I feel the same way as you do. I love dreaming and imagining myself achieving all my dreams. You're rite, I mean who wouldn't want a fairy tale?


haha..m also like u...