I Dream To Escape The Ugliness Of Reality

I have had alot of sad things happen so far this summer. My father passed away in June and 2 of my clients' dogs died this month. I am having issues with my family of origin, no support, no calls, nothing. My cell number was blocked, so I cannot even call my mother. A story was made up about my cursing my elderly mother on the phone and that was a falsehood. I feel so alone and isolated right now. So, I escape into this world to where I am loved and esteemed and I am with a man that loves me and protects and shelters me. I need to dream this in order to hold on to HOPE that my life will someday get better before I am too old and die. I feel that realistically no one person understands me and I feel totally unloved, unwanted and undesired. I can do dreaming and idealism quite well!

cherokee59 cherokee59
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5 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Thank you so-o very much for your support and written hugs. Your responses mean a great deal to me. God bless each one of you!!!!

I agree with Tasmin's comment. And I'm glad to hear that you haven't given up hope. I'm wishing the best for you.

I am very sorry for your loss of your father.<br />
But I dont believe anyone is ever alone .. I believe we are all connected.<br />
Try to love, protect and shelter yourself.<br />
I think everyone can understand what how you are feeling right now.

Thanks for sharing. I know that feelings that you described quite well actually. Not nice. Sorry you are going through such a difficult time. Email me anytime. Take care.

Sometime sad things happen and bring out our sad emotions into play. Each new day also bring us something new that we can change and heal the past. *hugs*