Some People Say Dreams Are Futile, I Say They Dont Have To Be

I have a Dream Like everyone else, and not just a dream: Dreams
I sit and think, our world is beautiful and it is our  world. Not so and so's world. So because it is our world, we must live in peace, and care for each other in every way possible:
No racism, no prejudice, no hate, no discrimination.
I have dreams of poverty being eradicated, where HIV has a cure and more over, people understand the meaning of loving ones neighbour, and that doesnt necessarily mean your next door neighbour, but anyone, and everyone.
I often think of my future, and I wonder what way I can use iot to my advantage.
So lastly I dream to grow up and be a good person. And to help my dream of peace not become futile.

You say impossible, I say it is you that makes it impossible, because negativity olny leads to neglect and therefore failure.
Positivety is key.
So I will keep on dreaming, even though young, and one day I hope that this dream of mine will indeed prosper.
Once a dreamer always a dreamer


cocoblush93 cocoblush93
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

Well dreams are nice and so are you prepared to act on them? Instead of posting this touching article go out there are help the world. I fully know how you feel. Dreams do not have to be futile and whoever may laugh at us, we will ignore them.