A Forever Dream...?

we long to find someone who can share a lifetime with us..but we end up with someone who has broken the promise...then we were left alone to dream... we were already blinded with tears and our foggy eyes can't tell if we can still see through it all...to feel true love in reality that spells forevermore


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I more than hear your words so deeply that I want to know you, but in ways more than a dream which has become impossible in this world today; and in our own dreams nobody else can ever know because only we know the reasons why. As far as the song --- I have not yet listen to because first I spoke my feelings, and now I will listen to what I already know has deep words with music.

What struck me most was just the beginning words being in the Philippines, and that is because for the past almost seven years its been my home.

Bf, how have I missed this one. That is a beautiful song. (( hugs))

yes, it is!

yes, it is!

Ersatz, it's better loosing someone because of death. The love doesn't end there, you can still continue to nurture the love both of you shared than loosing someone because of a tragic incident, you can never love the person again.<br />
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mark247 experience can make us wiser and stronger. We learned alot from it, though it's painful, we should be happy because we're still aive. We can still take the path to the "road of recovery" and make everything right the next time around.

I have experienced both

It's still better to love someone after death than loving him for only a few years because he killed your heart.

Or we find someone who promises to share a lifetime with you and through death we are left alone.....left alone with a broken dream.