Always Thinking

  I am always thinking, well of course everyone is always thinking about something or other but I'm always thinking of reality, philosophy, and the universe. I've actually filled an entire notebook with theories and diagrams of the universe and its existence. I plan on showing them to a professor in college and hoping that maybe one of them is discovered to be true.

  Sometimes people are annoyed by me because I'm always thinking. Every day it seems I have a new idea that I just have to tell somebody, which is hard to do (I am socially awkward and may have social anxiety disorder). Usually I tell a friend (that I'm not actually afraid to talk to) about my new ideas and theories but I'm frustrated because they don't always understand what I'm talking about.

  I've often been told that I'm very smart, even though my grades are not always the best (because I forget homework, or don't want to do it, and I doze off in class). I understand everything I'm taught but usually I just don't feel like doing the work because I'm somewhat lazy and a procrastinator. I'd rather just think about it in my head. Science is where I feel like I belong and I love thinking about it so whenever I get a good idea that I feel actually makes sense I write it down and thus I have filled up notebooks full of stuff.

  I'm also a dreamer, I dream of world peace, humanity, infinity, space, the universe, and abstract ideas. They make rational life interesting. People call me a dreamer because I actually believe world peace is possible and dream of a world without weapons (not many people where I live agree with me). BTW Kucinich should be president.

  While I'm on this train of thought about world peace I might as well mention that I HATE gun wielding american rednecks who have no concern for other cultures and are ignorant about the world we live in today.

  Alright, I don't see why world peace isn't possible, if the leaders of the world would just get it through their heads that we are all the same and we live on a tiny little speck of a planet (that we're killing) then maybe we could actually progress into a new era for humanity.

  One thing that has me concerned is that if we don't find peace soon then our civilization will be dead in the next 100 years. We, as a planet, are conflicted with so many problems that we won't survive if we can't come together as one.

  Now, the bees our dying, the world lies on the brink of WWIII, there's genocide's, and greed with no end in sight.

  In 50 years our planet will run out resources, we will have to mine other planets and asteroids for resources.

  In 100 years global warming will have made our planet uninhabitable. There is no other planet that we could migrate to.

  In 2.5 billion to 3 billion years the Andromeda galaxy will collide with our own making it very hard for life to survive.

  In 5 billion years our star will run out of fuel, rise to a red giant swallowing the earth, and then go out with a whimper.

  Between 50 billion-100 billion years from now what is left of the milky way (our) galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy will collide with other galaxies in the Virgo super cluster.

 In 1000 billion years (1 trillion) the last stars will have died out making no other place for life to go to for energy, heat, or even a planet to live on. We will be gone even if we managed to make it this far.

It is at this point that there are 3 possible ways in which the universe will end.

  1. The universe will expand forever eventually making matter so far spread out that no new stars will form and there will be no life. The universe will be completely black and almost non-existent.
  2. The universe will slowly slow down until it stops expanding and then all matter will just sit there, making it impossible for new stars to form after a period of about 100 trillion years more or less. The universe will eventually have the same outcome as possibility #1.
  3. The third possibility and the one we should hope for is that the universe does not contain enough matter to expand further and will eventually collapse back in on itself to a point of singularity and then expanding again (like a heartbeat). This possibility would go on forever but at a price... Everything we have ever learned, everything we will learn, everything that we've or any other civilization in the universe has ever experienced will be gone and lost when the universe collapses back in on itself.

  Why should we hope then, for possibility number three? Because it is an infinite cycle of death and rebirth. Even though we are destroyed, when the universe is reborn, life will arise again. Infinity and Eternity together as one. And after all its better then nothing.



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2 Responses Mar 6, 2008

I have another theory...there are no aliens. Since darwin's theory of evolution explains opposable thumbs, the human brain increasing from 1/3 lb to 3-4 lbs in a matter of millions of years, etc...that means humans are continuously evolving. You ever see the smaller doors in houses from the 1700 and 1800's? Our generation has increased in height, weight and proportion quite rapidly in the past 250 years. With this in mind, predictions of us evolving humans show that our brain mass and skulls will increase in size, eyes larger, smaller noses and facial features. And now that modern transportation has taken us furthur, more subcultures, mixed ethnicities, that skin color will change and evolve. Now relating this characteristics to has been reported in many different resources, that aliens have larger skulls, larger eyes and much smaller facial features with gray toned skin. Perhaps these are not aliens at all, but human beings from millions if not billions of years from now? Especially because the number one trait of ufo aircraft is the de-materialising characteristi..many airfcraft shot through nasa, government and airplane surveillance has shown the actual flying ob<x>ject to materialize and then de-materialize into thin air..possibly indicating time travel (back to our time currently) Even more supportive findings...ufo's have been reported as early as ancient egyptian times, showing drawings of aircraft building immpeccable buildings. So...could our alien sightings actually be sightings of much evolved human beings from the future? smoke on that!

anotherhuman is right, you sound very unique so of course not many will understand you. If you have passionate thoughts and ideas about all this then give it your all. Don't let any obstacles keep you from expressing your ideas to the world. I'm sure there are others who think like you so don't ever stop dreaming!