Bored And Confused

I don´t want to seem bitter or boring but I just don´t feel good right now. I just don´t know what to do with my life.
sofias1982 sofias1982
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2 Responses Aug 27, 2011

I don't wish to sound trite, but there is value in everyone's life. And yes it is true somethings & sometimes life seems boring. and when things are like this we then have to perserave.<br />
Over the last yr, I to have had a "rough trot", some my own making & some not, but I have found the kind word & support of good friends a big help to me.<br />
<br />
I hope you too have some good friends to help you up when you feel down. <br />
I am happy to be a friend if you would like.<br />

do you often feel like this,

I just have had some bad luck lately in life plus I think I am in some kind of crisis about what I want and things like that. Sorry for taking such a long time to reply by the way. But now I am studying and struggling with my two children plus work so it is hard to get your thoughts together all the time. Well I guess noone has. What about you?