It’s not the fruits of our labour, it’s not liberty – although those things are vitally important

– no, the most precious thing that the powers-that-be steal from us is: 


Remember when it was common for middle-class, and many working-class families to be formed by a husband who works and a wife who has the (arguably more difficult) job of keeping the house and taking care of the children? Well that’s a thing of the past, as most of us are painfully aware. 

Effect: Children are raised by ‘teachers’, nannies, facebook and television; healthy, home-made meals are more difficult to find time to prepare; organic, home-grown vegetables cannot be tended to; relaxation time for both parents is spent cleaning and organizing. 

But I digress… I believe there’s been a slow, incremental increase in demands on our time over the last half-century at least. Some of that increase is our own fault – we MUST check internet, we MUST watch a certain amount of TV – but much of it is due to slow-rising income tax rates which cause a greater demand on our working time, on long-commutes due to the lack of naturally-available local jobs, traffic due to population increases. 

And whilst we’re pre-occupied by long-working hours, long commutes, attempting to bond with our families in those spare couple of hours we have a day, it means we have little-to-no time to spend truly and fully researching the truths about our society and government. We also have little-to-no time to get involved in activism (that privilege seems to be reserved for the perpetually unemployed who, living on benefits, tend to get active in favour of Socialism). We have no time to keep a close eye on bills and legislations that our elected leaders pass. And on another note, we have no time for hobbies, art, proper socalisation and general joy and merriment. In short, our lack of time means we can’t properly defend our liberty, prosperity and happiness. 

I know some people manage to find plenty of free time, but before you accuse me or others of not organizing our time well, be aware that this is the reality for many people – no matter how well organized we are. You wake up, travel an hour to work, get home at 6-7pm, do your shopping, chores and cooking, sit down and relax for an hour with the family and then head off to bed.

And that’s if you’re lucky enough not to have to work a 2nd job.

TIME is the most valuable thing we possess. 

46-50, M
3 Responses Dec 16, 2011

this is an aweomse post and really has make me think.. we spend so much time work and getting all the things we HAVE to do .. we have so little time to do what we like to do, much less research what is being done to us.

too cool Hatter. I just got done talking about time and that IS what matters most in life... not possessions or stuff nor change in the pocket but simple time to enjoy life and such. *smile*

Yeah you should watch the SPYKIDS 3 movie, it has a similar message... time going too fast, and people not spending enough time loving their loved ones... doing other sh!t than love in that time, losing part of their souls... in fact what is a soul without LOVE?! Dead, and constantly needing... overcompensating using the world as an escape from unfulfilled soul needs...