"i Am A Dreamer Too"

I believe that in dreaming you can go anywhere you want.  sometimes my dreaming comes true and sometimes it is just a way of me deprocessing from the day. some dreams are bad and some are messages from GOD. you just have to pray to know which it is.  Our dreams can say a lot about us and to us. overall I love being a dreamer and I love writing down my dreams. I have books of dreams written down.Dreams can also show past, present and future things or events to happen. they can warn us and guide us, they can show us what we need to pray for or who. I love dreaming and most nights I can have more than 3,.  I am use to it now  I love dreaming. so to all my dreamers  "KEEP DREAMING."

jalady jalady
51-55, F
Feb 20, 2012