How To Survive Loss Of A Loved One

Ok well not sure how to start this but I guess from te beginning eh , well I was a young mum with beautiful girls couldn't ask for more I guess! But that was snatched away from me when my little girl at the age of 6 was takin away . The. My life spiralled out of controll for 6 months approx drink and other stuff to help me forget and take away the pain , but guess what it just made it worse the next day when reality hit home , how did i cope ? Well I had my other two kids that made me realise they needed me just as I needed them and I pulled myself together I also in my mind become a better mum I realised that nothing an I mean nothing comes close to being a mum and I loved them I already loved them but it made me realise that I needed to cherish every moment I had with them , after I managed to get passed that I received my second blow when my brother died at the age of 21 god I never thought I would relive a **** time like this again bu yet again I got through it until 2005 I just had another baby in December an then in the January I lost my baby brother age 26 the baby of my siblings what in earth goes on life can be a ***** and then I cracked some thing inside me couldn't take no more of heart ache and pain I ended up in hospital for a few weeks ( I would never want to e that low again ) but here I am loving my kids and my grand kids so much I just love life an I guess what I learned from this is there is nothing in this life could or can hurt me ever again as far as I'm concerned iv been to hell an back an still standing and all I'm saying is there is a life after heart ache no matter of the situation your in we can survive here is to life x x
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Youve been through so much heartache, what happened to your girl was she stolen? <br />
I really feel for you, im a mum too. lol

No she died after an operation she had , don't know the cause as I refused an autopsy didn't see the point it wasn't going to bring her back an ty

I have also danced in the courtyards of hell. A toast to you, I, and all the other people who's been to hell and back. Stand strong and keep moving ahead.

Couldn't of said better myself ty