Lonely Tears I Cry

I was lying in bed lastnight watching tv nothing out of the ordinary happened at all that day so why was I crying ? I dnt understand how it just creeps on you , my partner was next to me , my children where in there rooms I had a nice day so why did these tears fall from my face , I lay there just tryin to think why I was feeling like this tonight, and in this moment of sadness I just felt so alone and I guess these tears where for that reason ( I FELT ALONE ) and I come to another decision in my life an I hve to close the door on a relationship that had nothin in it for , I love him I don't doubt that , we got a lovely daughter together and I guess it's been like this for a long while I feel as though there is just me in the relationship , and I didn't want to fail yet again , but he doesn't give me no love , no affection no romance no nothing and when I talk about it he just says its the way he is ( something clicked ) in me and I thought that this is his problem not mine I want to be loved I want to give love so iv decided to close the door in this one and no more lonely tears I will cry life is to short to be unhappy would you think iv made the right choice ? And the next tears I will cry will be for sadness ov losing the one I love but it's for all the right reasons I no .. If only life was straight forward !!!!
Delightfu11deb Delightfu11deb
36-40, F
Mar 28, 2012