I Feel That Everyday Human Life Is Abnormal

I guess I kinda feel like there is a lot to do, yet we are not on the right path. We are so stuck up in our own little lives, that we have forgotten something. Somenthing major. I'm a little tired of this planet and how it works. I feel that it needs a catastrophic change. Like ego and judgment has taken over our planet and we haven't even realized it because we are too focused on ourselves as individuals. It has me wondering...does anyone else feel this too?
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I feel like this all the time. It's so depressing seeing it all around you -and being one of the only ones- but also having to face the fact that because you are one of the only ones, there's absolutely nothing that you, alone, can do. People have been people for far too long, and they will keep being people, regardless of your efforts to bring about a societal change. It's overwhelming. I feel as though I'm drowning when I try to think about it.

You wouldn't believe how excited I would be to meet another enlightened individual in person. People around here deny my answers and feelings. It takes a strong person to stand back up and realize that very little people care. I will continue to try...and try until I'm dead and gone. Thanks for the comment!

I have one, thank god, but it disheartens me to know that others do not. There is strength in numbers, but in our present day society, their numbers far out-weigh ours. And well, if people deny them, you have to MAKE them listen. Yes! Keep trying! It's very rewarding when there's finally quiet, and people are listening to you. It's fantastic. You're welcome!

Yes; because it is the truth! Yet our society thrives on competition for entertainment; the winners gain even more ego from this. I still find winning subjective in some cases. <br />
Unfortunately the world will never change -- only its people can; and it starts with one person calling this out, and attempting to do something about it!

The question really is do we have the energy and the bandwidth to fight for change. It is so hard we usually end up conforming to the masses and saving ourselves in little secrets that allow us to indulge in the the life we would rather live.

To try is what is important is you do not succed maybe the next will!

The time for "human change" is over, there is something coming very soon that no human on this planet can stop.... it'll definitely change things, so sit back and enjoy the ride.<br />
<br />
@mystorymylife - The earth is ALOT older than 2000 years. Scientific proof shows that human DNA underwent a change approximately 150,000 years ago. Our 2nd and 3rd chromosomes are fused together in such a way that nature could never pull off in any length of time through natural order.

very interesting stuff do you have more info

Here's one of about a million different sites with the information:

Change isn't really possible the world has been around longer than 2,012 years and its always been the same, I agree with this 100% and you use absolutely perfect wording.

Has the world always been the same?

I agree that people are to self involved and nobody gives anything else or anybody else any consideration. It's a sad state were in.

Agreed, and you used the perfect words catastrophic change. It is like we are all living up to other peoples fake expectations. We can't be who we want to be, or say the things that we want to say, or live like

Yes I feel the same way. And when I came to this realization it kinda made me depressed

Because you know that there is nothing you can do about it at this point. The race is too hard headed and stubborn to think deep thoughts anymore.

exactly, everyone is too selfish and shielded by "horse blinders" to see past their own two feet. And I kinda agree with you, it seems like it would take a casatrophic event to "wake" everyone up
But Im hoping it wont have to come to that

I Love It.<br />
I Agree