Women Have An Expiration Date.

As a woman I have been thinking, are we similar to a package of say Lay's Potato chips?
Lets look at the facts that I have been contemplating on:
We were born with a fixed number of eggs about one million, by puberty this number has been reduced to about three hundred thousand and for the rest of our reproductive life only Three to four hundred of those eggs are viable. The rest of the Three hundred thousand degenerate and are non viable and by menopause we have none. Let us draw the analogy to the packet of potato chips, when it is freshly packed the pack states "best if eaten before MM. YY. We are best between 17 - 30 years old. The pack of chips states "expire on MM. YY.  Now from 30 - 40 years we are still good but our reproductive viability has tremendously decreased, we still look good and people would still venture to buy but we are a bit soft. From 41 -48 we have expired, most of us are non- viable as far as reproduction is concern. So I ask the question why are so many women choosy about the age of their man when they have become expired at 48 years old?
On the flip side of the coin the male of the species have no expiry date. ( I believe this is unfair) They continue to produce sperms indefinitely and are theoretically viable to death and most of them are like good wine, it seems they get better with age. 

Susan300 Susan300
May 6, 2012