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 The initial viewing of Unit Three with its bucolic views across the Yorkshire countryside was, for Abigail, a religious experience.  She suddenly understood why some people lose control of their emotions in the face of fifteenth century Perpendicular style.  Had there been a convenient pew with an embroidered cushion she might have sunk to her knees in supplication when Jeremy demonstrated the nine-panelled skylight that opened at the touch of a remote control.  It was an overcast afternoon but the space was suffused with the benevolent light of the firmament and Abigail had to suppress a squeal of delirium as she fumbled in her handbag for a tissue.

“You’ve got your side-by-side fridge/freezer as well as the Bosch dishwasher, halogen hob, convection oven and external extraction hood.”  Jeremy demonstrated the silent-close drawer mechanisms, his chain-link bracelet clattering as he pushed with his fingertips. 

He extolled the virtues of the easy-clean windows and the spacious balconies.  The two bedrooms on the lower floor had en-suite bathrooms with heated floors and travertine tile and the grey carpet was so thick Abigail could barely walk across it in her unstable heels.    The icing on the cake was a walk-in dressing room adjacent to the master suite complete with recessed lighting and a central island with a velvet-lined jewellery drawer.

“It’s like being on the telly, isn’t it?” said Jeremy, appearing almost as awe-struck as Abigail.

“Where do I sign?” she asked, writing out a cheque for the deposit with breathless anticipation. 

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1 Response May 8, 2012

what will abigail do now?<br />
will she move all her secondhand tat into this modern palace.<br />
Paint the wall with black and white patchs to represent the cows grazing on the hillside .<br />
Will she reveal to Jeremy her estate agent boyfriend that she has discover his dirty secrets and now knows why he wants to move her into this flashy conversion, leaving him free to galovant around town..<br />
Or will abigail simply confess she has not won the lotto as she first thought