Mensura- > 60ml Of Drunken Peotry

Mensura- > 60ml of drunken peotry <

everybody seems to know what is the best for me
every body who know no -th-ing of dreams
a message to every body, I lived the best - for free

why is it that the master
can not be changed?
from the origional device name
un-paraq-elled in clarity
never devised by name
but alone in the midst of mindful
game, the eq-uil-lib-ric
sanctity of our minds.

converging on space no longer
that remained but to the day
the year once passed,
decayed so fast as to
take your hand away for mine
and throw yourself to oblivion
to crown your soul in
antiquitium and scourge the
prayers of yesteryear
and down with the evil reign
of smoke and mirrors and light.
so all of whome remains
are the sheep, the hordes
and eden of yesterday's
useless hide..

I've found myself once again
chesty and cold from rain
biting into my big fat foot
draging along my big empty book.

hold onto your book of life and keep it untouched
you are less human than another's pitful luck
if you see there is no way to understand all that's left to be arranged, the explanation is left untouched until you get to and end you have dreamed and strived for every day, with every ounce of managed strength and require you to think at length, of how to slowley die every day, until no longer can you afford to wait then push yourself to the extream to rid yourself of yourself, take charge of your future in every way, no want to wait and no delay.

because tomorrow the day you want near
is upon the very moonbeam we know of today
and we die of suspence waiting for the hour
we could never pridict in the first place

no one dare say when I'm done
till my book is complete
living my life hatred free
and care to do what I please
but no one to take care of me
but myself.

lonliness unspoken of
to ears that only hear
the dreams of exotic queens
who's cowering eyes sail
the glaring waves

I sink away inside the space inside of me
inside my dreams I rise obliged by
an open mind

I can see you lurk in my dreams
and i don't know just what that means
but my life is for living not for trying
to cheat myself of the love that i feel...

but today is another day,
a day to be real
yet the day is not mine to have
until I've paid for my next meal

and when my days run out of air
I would have had you entrust my share
of life and wealth and title and glory
In my big book, full of big stories.
MrNotReallySerious MrNotReallySerious
31-35, M
May 10, 2012