Everything Is Relative

Something like "light speed" and "time" are relative.
Pain is relative.
Sorrow is relative.
Suffering is relative.
Happyness is relative.
Prosperity is relative.
Desire is relative.
Humanity is relative.
A relative thing is senseless if talked for individual.
So before evaluating these things about yourself, compare with others.
LoveOcean12 LoveOcean12
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3 Responses May 18, 2012

If anything worth comparing is then compare yourself from your previous self and watch as a impartial judge "are we on self evolving path?"

Why compare? Of course every thing is relative, and it can only be relative because it is compared with others. Take pain and suffering...pain is pain...no matter if someone somewhere else is suffering more or less pain than you. Your pain should not be negated for this reason. Read my story a state of bliss, if you are interested. But, honestly, this kind of attitude toward pain and suffering just gets me on my soap box. You cannot judge another person unless you have walked in their shoes.

When I was 8, my dad asked me if I thought the whale is big or small.<br />
I said immediately that it was big because it is the biggest animal as people always said. Then he told me that it is not big and it is not small. It's up to what we compare it with. If you compare a whale witht an ant. It is big. But if you compare it with the earth, the the sun, universe. It is tinier than the dust. That's when he told me about Theory of Relativity.

You got it correctly. :)