My Father

I have a father who's in his mid 50's and acts nothing like a father. I've never had a boyfriend partially for this reason. He acts like a bachelor or something and does whatever he wants. He constantly tries to start fights so that he gets to scream at my mother and yelling/cussing. We spent the night of my mother's birthday at a hotel. He has trichotillamania and that's why I got it. However he doesn't have a problem with himself and is constantly pulling his hair out in front of us. I have managed to recently control the disorder I have but it gets tough sometimes when I am very stressed, which is often. I've always wanted to talk to someone else about it but I thought I was the only one.
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Aah thats really sad. When I was little I always wanted a sister. As an adult I always wanted a daughter. In 1988 my first child was aborted. It was my DAUGHTER. I don't know why I know I just know and I even talk to her as some people talk to God. It really grieves me when dads out there don't appreciate what they've got. A father.daughter bond is very special and should NOT be taken for granted., She would be 24 now :(