9 Crazy Years

I've been dreaming of the same 10 guys for nine years
I know them like they were real people there names ages and
everthing about them I've been telling my sister and friend these
dreams sice the frist dream when i was 11 my mom dose not
believe me and my sister and friend are gorwing tired of the stories
even when there in them all the time is it so strange to be haveing these
dreams? Sometimes I wish I was there and not here it makes me sad that
there not real but i'm also happy to cause they are there too incourage me in my
wakeing life there my inspireation my freinds dose that sound crazy?
I've been tolled to try and forget them by therapists cause there causeing some sort of
schizophrenia type thing but trying to forget them is like trying to forget your
parents and friends some say they might even be a multiple personality thingy
but i like to think of them as imaginary friends Is that totaly sad.

these guy started comeing around when everyone of my "real" friends started to leave me in
burtal ways and i was alone when I was 11 the frist boy gray showed up after i was in so much
rage and hate for eveyone around me dose that make me crazy? the others showed up though out
the years.

Believe me if you like or don't but I don't feel crazy.
KillerRage KillerRage
18-21, F
May 22, 2012