This Too Shall Pass

It has been quite a while since i shared my stories, actually since i rant and complained that life is so hard and unfair. No body is listening to me or sharing my pain with me so i wrote a lot here as my diversion just to keep me sane.

"This too shall pass" - I never thought that ill be able to use this word ever again. But now i know that it is true. when i finally got out of depression and just try to live and take each day one  at a time - my pain did go away.

I finally got a hold of my emotions and see where i went wrong -  realized that if some one cannot love me - all i have to do is love my self -love how i enjoyed being on my own - love my craziness - love my voice when i sing in the shower and love the coffee i made everytime i'm stressed out in the office.

it has been a hard journey to see who iam and what i'm capable of. and it did took a lot of prayer to convince my "God" that i'm ready. Yes - prayer did helped me get through all those tough times that i have been in. When I took a step on the path that I want to get into -and when everything is not working according to what i want to happen. I one night found my self crying and begging the one that cant be moved and ask for help.- that is when I have accepted that things might not work the way i want it to be. that this life is not about the achievement that we make or the compliments that we get.
It's about us learning from our triumph and failures. I said I know -this too shall pass.

Now everytime I feel i dont belong - or i found out something that makes me think that life is unfair. I take a hold of my self and and breather deeply. -  I bow my head and appreciate what had made me and tell my self with conviction that - "This too shall pass"

Thank you Lord -for letting me through it all -I know now that it was necessary to feel the pain so that I can rise above it.
emikei emikei
26-30, F
May 22, 2012