Through The Wormhole

Several months maybe 6 months ago maybe longer I watch this new program with Morgan Freeman and it really made me think "WHAT IF" these things were true. What if the electical energy in our brains did not die when our shell dies does that energy return to the universe from whence it came. To travel among the stars soaring thru the universe visiting nebulie that we only saw thru the Hubble telescope. Can we send thoughts to people across the country or can we recieve thoughts from other people. How many senses do we have, can our minds detect things that are about to happen and then they do. I wish I would have seen this 50 years ago, my life might be completely different, I could have been an astronaut or scientist studying the universe or the brain. I have never thought as deep as this program made me think, it is like this program sent probes deep into my brains searching sending electical energy to stimulate my brain cells. What was here before the BIG BANG?, are there universes beyond our universe or how many dimensions are there really out there. Dig deep into your brain and see what is inside of you and what makes you tick.
Pmacphoto Pmacphoto
70+, M
May 26, 2012