Somewhere In Between...

I always knew I am a dreamer. Been living the way I wanted to. Never wasting time. Every opportunity I grab. At the same time, I think about the future, sometimes refer to the past, in a way it makes my present worth living. So yeah, I dream, I think. But then, if I think too much it discourages my dream. Make it go away, far, to distant chamber elsewhere.

I always thought I was a dreamer. I am a dreamer. Or at least, I thought, I just thought I am. Nevertheless, I tried so hard to think about just anything else. I always make sure my mind's got something in it. Thought I am a thinker. However, one defeats the other. Well, in some sense it does. I don't really know. I guess, I just wanted to think again of something not really worth thinking about. Which keeps on reminding by the way, that I am indeed a thinker. What do you think about that?

I ran to many places. Well, not a place by distance nor space. Rather, a place inside. A kind of thing not common to everyone. Disposition, as they say. I am dreamer. That is the truth. And yes, I do let my mind rule my heart, so yes, I am definitely a thinker! In fact here I am now living a dream. And the more I see it, I feel it... with all the senses I'm using, I definitely can say, so that is why they call it a dream. You grasps it. It lingers. You know it's there, but the cycle keeps on repeating. "Now, this is my dream." I always knew something's wrong with that way of viewing things. A dream will remain a dream unless it becomes a reality. Now I think I know what that really means. It's never bout living. Now about seeing it. It is what it is not. A dream becomes reality if you wake up. You see what I mean? Probably, you won't. And I don't blame you for that. I for myself, would like to see it the way I do. I don't care what people think. I don't care what people say. That's purely them, not me. So why the hell would I care?

Going back to the discourse at hand... Am I a dreamer? Am I thinker? I would rather say, I am somewhere in between.
PsychjiLL PsychjiLL
Jun 19, 2012