Walking In The Moonlight

Black sky like a sheet of satin, with countless scattered stars, grey and hoary clouds travelling in clusters, and beneath them shines the white moon

The moonlight piercing through the clouds, falling like little diamonds all over the ground.

Sometimes I watch it from my window.

The other times I walk in it.

To walk in the pale moonlight is like my passion.

Feels close to nature.

The soothing moonlight kissing the eyelashes feels heavenly.

Gently touching the skin like royal silk.

It embraces you, makes you forget your existence.

If you sink into the beauty of the night, the prevailing silence doesn't seem haunting but rather comforting.

Its even more beautiful a sight to look at the moonlight by the sea.

The glowing moonlight on the sea looks as if the moon has come down on earth.

Washing the shore.....

But the lovers know that the most beautiful moments are when the moonlight bathes you and your lover together.........

It feels like no one in the world exists but the two......

But I like gazing at the moon alone.

I love solitude what can I say. :P
Mehraab Mehraab
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 8, 2012

takes me away from where i was...!!

Thank u! ^-^

The moon's light across the sea of darkness is comforting. Gazing at the moon lets my mind dream.

So sweet and beautiful

Thank you! :)