To Be An Interpreter Is My Dream &i Will Work For It !

My major is education and after i graduated i took several jobs in the field of training industry.Since i was in high school,English is always my favourite subject.I kept on learning English when i was in college even though i didn't belong to the school of Englsih.I would hv chosen English at another school if given a second chance.It's a challege to compete the students whose major is English.But i know i get no choice but to fight for my dream,to be an interpretor.
I work in a company where i hv a lot of opportunities to help students who wanna go overseas to study.I envoy them a lot ,for i just can't afford it.But,i belive that if i become an interpreter oneday,i never regret for anything anymore.
sarah0926 sarah0926
26-30, F
Sep 17, 2012