To Dream Is A Gift.

I dream constantly. When im not asleep and dreaming I day dream. I wonder sometimes if I'm less real of a person since I dream so much, but thats just me thinking too deeply once again. My imagination is intense. I can imagine just about anything I want and it feels ridiculously like reality. I can make myself into the person I wish I was, I can plant myself in any part of the world, I can make anyone I want seem to love me and I can make myself believe it all to be real for as long as Im dreaming. I dont think everyone can do this, and I havent talked about this before. If this is some type of gift of talent Im extremely grateful for it. If anything, it's what makes me happy when everything around me sucks. You may say that Im trying to escape from my lifes troubles and that its unhealthy but if it makes me experience happiness, even for a short time, why not use it to put a smile on my face? Thinking about being somewhere else is exhilerating. I dream all the time of packing up and moving to a place where no one knows me and seeing what happens. Its my greatest wish. So I dream about it..
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That's beautiful, what a great mind you have it's so positive and made me kinda dream lol

What beautiful writing. It's dreamy! Ha :)

I am a dreamer also... sometimes people could be talking to me but I am not actually listening to them because i am busy day dreaming or thinking what would happen if i were a different person at a different time.

omg ya thats what i do.

and thanks for the share :-)

yah sometimes dreaming is really helpful and even healthy :)
but not all the times it might make u less active !!!