Terrible Night Mare !!!

I dont even know where to begin . I think I need to let my dream out . Just so I can feel like the horribleness of it has left me . Yet im stuck wondering why my dream was so horrible . I had a dream me my brother and sister and my son where all in a hotel room . Which is already awkward because we dont hang out like that . Were all grown adults with kids and our own homes . Besides that . 3 HORRIBLE PEOPLE dark evil entitys . Came into the hotel room and started torturing us . I told my son to hide in a corner . And I began to fight back against one . It was stabbing me and as it did I would pull the pocket knives it was stabbing me with out of me and stab it back . It then started laughing and the knives wouldnt go into it . It cut my major nerves and I was still fighting to keep my son safe . My sister and brother were just laying there being tortured not even fighting . I was screeming for them to help me and them selves and protect my son . And they were still and wouldnt respond . By the time the evil entity was done tourchering me . It snatched up my son took him to the bathroom and began hurting him . He was crying and screaming for me and I was fighting to crawl to protect him And I new what was being done to him was so evil and wrong and it was killing me I couldnty keep him safe . I woke up in tears and was crying and threw up . Got my son and took him in my bed and held him tight praying for god and jesus to protect him . And im not a religious person . I then had to shower to wash away the filth of this dream and then joined this site . To try and hope some one would maybe have a sense of why and what this dream meant ???

I am not with my sons father . And my sons going to visit him this weekend . Our relationship was a roller coaster and abusive in every way . But we did have good times . And at times I find myself missing him . Even tho the man I am with now is amazing and an awesome father to my son and daughter . I get along better now with my sons father . Than we ever did . And I know he would never hurt my son . But crazy that this dream was so real and evil :(((
26-30, F
Sep 20, 2012