Once Upon A Dream

There are two worlds for me, and even though the other one is not known to other people it's still there for me and the uniqueness of it is what makes it perfect. Even though things are hard in the known world things can be really easy in this other world, because I can create whatever I want whenever I want. There are no rules in my world nor are they people unless I want them to be. I can love with no boundaries, I can do anything without caring what other people think. Although it is all once upon a dream it is still something that i can always depend on and something that I know i can always hold on to. I can switch to it any time, I can dance through beautiful gardens, i can go to places that nobody can ever imagine, i can laugh all i want because there is nobody or nothing to make me cry, and above all of it I can be myself through out without the fear of being hated, even though it is once upon a dream, it is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone.... just to dream. Because this 'Once Upon A Dream' can become a 'Once upon a Time'.
Faroms Faroms
Sep 21, 2012