Were The Sky The Limit

I wrote this as a response in the questions board. Perhaps the length makes it more appropriate for an actual story, however whimsical. Here goes! ;)

Were the sky the limit,
I'd get rid of all my possessions. I'd quit my job in a heartbeat. I'd practice my music and get up to the level I was at when I stopped studying it, and I'd surpass that level; I'd be admired for my talent by my family, friends, strangers. Word of mouth would get around and I'd start performing here and there, maybe only volunteering at first and then in a little cafe. I'd be the pianist in the background of the cafe, who nobody really pays attention to but classy cafes need live music and I'd be THE live music.

I'd continue with yoga, during all of this, and running. I'd not only start running marathons but I'd start my own running group in the city I lived in which didn't have a running group. Maybe a women's running group which was about making a little community for ourselves, sharing stories and building friendships and supporting each other and such -- bonding together in our little women's running group.
We'd call ourselves the Little Women's Running Group.

Perhaps we'd also get together once a week and I'd lead our yoga class. This would be a secret dream. Yoga is like praying with my body.

I'd have a mate, through all of this. We wouldn't be normal. We'd create our own style of relationship, consciously. We'd test out this and that and some things work and some don't, and the exploration makes our relationship stronger as we practice being open and vulnerable, trusting, confiding, sharing ourselves... making mistakes and forgiving, our faith in each other will grow strong as chainmail yet natural like a forest. A forest is organic: it changes, and elements grow and change and be born and live and die and rot and make possible new things and everything interacts as a living system, and the spent/'failed' parts serve as nourishment for new growth.

I would be my mate's soft place to rest when he's tired and sore, a reviving spring when his spirit is withering from thirst. We would be playmates, soaking up the vibrancy and joy in daily life like sunshine. We would grow together. We'd be stronger together. We help each other be our best selves. We nourish each other.

I'd have another little pet rodent. So sweet. And some plants, maybe a little indoor herb garden.

I would have pride in myself, for who I've become. I'd be a person people look up to. I'd feel gratitude every single day; I'd live my life in gratitude, and I'd have an unshakeable faith in myself.
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I love this, wonderful, thanks for sharing

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for commenting:)