I Love Silence As Much As I Love Darkness

I love silence as much as I love darkness.

Do you know that feeling people call 'loneliness'? It does not exist for me. I embrace it in darkness and silence and thoroughly enjoy it.

Silence IS really loud, whoever said that was correct. But it is comforting and alive, just as darkness is.

And again, I let myself become one, with the darkness and with silence. Silence caresses my mind as a mother would caress her infant lovingly. My mind, racing with a thousand thoughts, rests with her and succumbs to her, succumbs to an indescribable peace and tranquil state.

I love silence.
shaandar shaandar
31-35, F
2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I feel the same! I love the darkness! Its something I have grown up with you might say.

I'm photophobic and sensory triggered-migrainic so like those things and more