A Pisces

i daydream a lot...think a lot....and i love to create my own stories and fantasies..
that is why i love quiet and my own company....i never get bored alone because i have so much to think of but i love to make friends and i love being with my BFF .... i just need an hour or maybe 2 hours alone once a day...you know peace and quiet and just me and my world!
i tell my friends about that..they think i'm crazy and they tell me they get bored when they are alone...i don't get bored in fact i enjoy it....i find very few people who are like me including my BFF ......i dont think that it is a bad thing to imagine and daydream...it does not make you a psycho and its not shameful...it just makes you different! :)
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13-15, F
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I can relate :]