Thinking About Thinking

The other night i was lying in my bed at the end of the day what-ever time that may be.
As always I think before I sleep, about things, different things, of the past day and/or other days through the past few weeks. I think about things i learned, things i have came across and i speculate and think about them. Try and reach my that voice in my head that usually comes up with credible and good answers, and plan from there what i do next. I thought though, what is that voice in my head, my conscious, my instinct, God? I don't know..
When i say the voice in my head, i mean when you think of something, think of something right now in your head... its always in your own voice as in when you physically speak, but for me its more serious, more composed and comes up with better answers..

And i was trying to think, without an answer at the end, what is that Thinking voice?..
CaptainChunk CaptainChunk
18-21, M
Dec 2, 2012