A Couple Reflections On Society And My Life

Something has been wrong with my life emotionally lately. I can function but I feel this constant pain in my soul.

I joined a halfway house not cause im an addict but my "uncle" runs the place and is kind enough to let me stay here as I have nowhere else to really go. I cant drink or smoke weed or else ill get kicked out and these things dont really bother me but this weekend I had the opportunity to drink off the farm(halfway house) so I took it, it was the first time in four months and I dont regret it, I had a good time!!!

There is this girl I'm talking to who is my roommates ex, when he went to jail she broke up with him and started talking to me, they had never met in person she lives about 2 hours away. He knows we are talking and I do consider him to be a friend so this situation is still a bit odd to me even after a month and a half.

This weekend I met her in person, she was hotttttt much hotter than on skype or Facebook.......she ***** on the first date

So now I gotta lotta secrets from this past weekend that i'm carrying with me and they hurt, neither one of the things that happened this weekend brought me joy, they were more like eating mcdonalds: comfortable.

now for society

the fear of rejection can be so strong for us as individuals than we sacrifice who we are to become a watered down less vibrant individual so that we don't feel the judgmental eyes of society looking down upon us negatively. All the little trends in high school are a good example of this, alot of movies and TV subliminally tap into what is culturally "ok" and what is not. Its funny how teenagers are supposed to be rebellious yet can be very easily persuaded by their peers. I know that not everybody has a strong desire to express themselves clearly or to be as open and honest as they can but if you have these desires this is for you: be brave, be bold, and have fun! Dont let negative people get you down and try not to think as negative about other people
drumsensei drumsensei
18-21, M
Dec 2, 2012