My Wings..

Sometimes when I am feeling particularly...I dont know..weird...I put on a pair of  fairy wings that I got at wal mart in the toy section. I thought they were so pretty. They are pink and white and glittery and girly...

They were out of camo wings...

I go walking around the woods with them on. And daydream.

Cause thats just me.

Just how I roll.

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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

My eyes are like saucers right now... I wanna! I really really wanna! :D

Aww... you are a dreamer. Not a thinker, however, I hope it's not deer season where you live!

oh c'mon now... check this out
ohh... pig not deer... but close

Walmart wings in the forest? If there is a crazy train, i think you just bought a ticket to ride it.