Change With The Seasons

Isn't it weird that this time last year, everything was completely different? The people we have met, the things we said, everything we experienced, it was all different. At this exact moment, you weren't doing what you're doing now. Look back, look back to last year, look back to the moments you have missed, doing what you were doing. Did you used to look ahead and said, 'Man, next year, I'm doing things differently.' So, are you? Are you not wasting your time worrying about things that are not helping you grow? Worrying about things that, a year from now, would be irrelevant, useless, something to laugh about. I have. Last year, this time, I was still in love with being in love. I thought I had enough time to be missing love. But this time, this year, I decide to turn this around. Today, is different than today last year.
Today is the day that I realize that everything last year, is irrelevant. Although I have loved and lost. I refuse to lose more time.
Look back at your today last year. Is anything different? That coffee mug on your table, that breeze in the air, the scent of clean laundry, different news on the tv. Every aspect of your life is different. But are you feeling different? Don't waste your time on things that are going to change anyway. If everything else changes, why can't you?

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Dec 4, 2012