Is Tomorrow Gone?

A friend of mine who is a teacher in an music school came up to me one day. He was very agitated. He asked me: "Do you think that there's nothing left to create, that every form of music has been done?"  Apparently one of his students had said this oft stated pronouncement to him.  And to his credit, he was pissed off by it. 

I thought, how many times have the masters of reality made this statement.  Is art dead, the theater dead, the sitcom dead.  Have we discovered all there is to discover and all the generations to follow will be mere copyists?  How arrogant because it is always proved to be wrong.  I'm no musicologist but I do know that the new comes out of nowhere after years of unknown development. Stravinsky  caused riots because he divorced music from form and nobody saw it coming. The great artist and writers of the last century were not looked for, but they appeared.  What is new may even be here write now but it is unseen, waiting to be assembled by the right hands.  That is what the creative mind does.  It finds a new way to put the old parts together until they are no longer what they were.  We are fools if we think we have figured out everything that can be done with the universe.
holloway64 holloway64
46-50, M
Dec 7, 2012