Life's a dream. Nobody can't accomplish anything without first dreaming of it. This is how it works out, you got to dream for it, wish for it and then go for it and achieve it. I love open spaces during the night. I feel like I'm captured when I'm staying inside. I love it when it's dark and there are no people on the streets. I love sitting in the dark, looking at the stars, think and dream about my future. I feel the most focused on my future tasks and goals. Pitch dark, I'm sitting on a bench in the park, stare at the stars and think about stuff. This is how I give my mind a little break and just dream. I like looking at the stars and think how insignificant people are, how little we are and how funny it is we think what we do is important. Therefore, we need to live our lives the way we want to cause it won't matter much.
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Story of my life. Sad to say i hardly do the same thing now that im living in the city full of people. But i really miss sitting on a bench in the park or strolling alone around some quiet open spaces, i miss the tranquility and freedom that it gives.

I love open spaces, relaxing in nature and the beautiful night sky as well what an awesome story

wow! nice post!:) even i like looking into the nature in the night... taking walks in terrace and connecting to Gods wisdom... i find God reflecting back to me... in the quietness of the night and the depth of it all strikes me and washes away all the pety stuff i had been involved in the whole day...:) and i agree about the dream part... keep dreaming and beleiving in its power...