To The Silent Innocence

Silent innocence cry out over senseless death
one moment it was singing laughing and learning
in an instant it breathed its last breath.

Now questions only remain as those who cry out
in pain making no sense of it all.
The anguish of moms too numb to shout, hearts
full of rage there is no doubt.
A father lost his son a mother lost her baby girl
none could foresee their peril.
Just a few days til the holy moment we honor
that a child was born as we call him our saviour.
Yet where was he this day as we watch innocence die
as the evil silently destroys without a reason why.

Only the horror of loss is left as they ponder the last touch
with their young. No magical moment for them this season
only tears and questions with with silent wailings unsung.

Where is their consolation as they sit in desolation
As leaders worry over their debt consolidation
I wonder if that really matters anymore.
Not all their bickering will bring back their child
No justice can fill the void.
No fancy speeches can smoothe their pain.
We've all heard enough to last til the next

What can we do to save our humanity
while it seems the world has sold out
to insanity?

How do we measure the value of life
among so much anger and strife?
Who shall be our moral judge when we
see so much corruption within the sludge?

Perhaps the end is truly near when the day
the trumpet we hear will be the father in Heaven
sound out his decree while the prophets
dance their jubilee. As the son calls to his flock
to gather them home the children will sing
a new tone.

The earth will shake and mountains may crumble
Skies grow dark,clouds will thunder
Oceans will toss at the sight of the cross
Angels will sing to the bells that ring

What will we do when the bill comes due
when everything of this world has lost its
meaning and value while we search for something new.

It is stated "Out of the mouth of babes ye have perfected praise"
Perhaps we shall find out in the end of days.
"Suffer the children for such is the Kingdom of God"
Maybe we shall know and give a gentle nod
" He who recieves the least of these my brethen recieves
me, he who recieves me recieves the father who sent me"
In the end all things shall pass but the day of the Lord
will come as a thief in the night. Where then will evil take

Pray for the innocent pray for the children of tomorrow
That they may walk with the least amount of sorrow.
Pray for their elders for they should know better.
A world without love is a world that has died
I think this will be the end of this letter.

Nephilhim Nephilhim
51-55, M
Dec 14, 2012