I Daydream And Think All The Time.

I think all the time and when I stop daydreaming I think. I have been pondering about meditation or quieting the mind and get in touch with the real me. The question is who am I really? My personality has changed recently to a happier me. I love everyone reguardless of the bad qualities. I use to be judgemental but that got me nowhere so I change my personality to good!

I have a free will and do good because I can. I've see and done bad things in my life. I learned from them and have changed for the better to help others out of their funk. Extentialist
Extentialist Extentialist
70+, M
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

It's okay to have a restless mind. Your mind doesn't have to be completely still. In fact, worrying about stilling your mind can undo all the benefits of meditation.