A Deep Thinker And Dreamer: Never Satisfied

I think, read and dream all the time. Never satisfied, I find new materials for my mind to consume. Work is never a challenge, I am a gypsy moving from one consulting/contracting job to another. The restlessness just never ends.

My dreams keep me motivated and alive, yet I see so many dream crushers all around me, telling me to buy this product, or settle down and accept my place in the world.

I never will settle, nor bow to the dream crushers. My parents were experts at crushing dreams as were most of my college professors. Only a few encouraged me to dream and then act on those dreams.

It's amazing, so many people just give up on their dreams and let life beat the crap out of them.

I am not one of them, I can never be a person who allows my dreams to be destroyed.

I will dream and think deeply to the end of my days.
painofshame painofshame
36-40, M
Dec 16, 2012