Dreaming Of A Real World

I was 8 years old, riding in the bed of my step - dad's truck. My sister and I would lay in the bed of the truck on our backs and watch the world go by above us. Not being able to see anything around us, just above, gave the whole world a new feel. At night, the stars were all we could see and I remember thinking and wondering, "what's out there?"
As I grew, I realized that the real world of peace and harmony that I saw in the stars just doesn't exist in this world. The wars,greed, crime, and unhuman acts of humankind will just not allow it.
Going back to my dreams, my poetry, my wanting of a peaceful world, I realized that dreams and harsh reality must go hand in hand to work out for the benifit of all of us.
I am a soldier. I am unpopular in most places I go outside our borders. But, though unpopular, I am feared. I don't want to be feared, but if that's what it takes for the terrible to stop and take stock of their actions, then so be it. I am capable of helping a child or killing those, without prejudice, that would hurt them.

That is not the world I want to live in, but it is the one we've got. I dream of a real world. A world of peace. Where opinions are debated over without temper or war. Perhaps that is only a dream.... but it's mine.
CAnnesdad CAnnesdad
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2 Responses Dec 17, 2012

Very moving and inspirational ....thank you for your story.

Amen. I could light a candle before that article.... its so spiritual. Peace will happen in the world when all of us have inner peace. Can't really speak for other people, but I certainly am a long way behind this goal.

Thanks. I'm finding alot of peace within lately. It's kinda nice. :o)