I Am A Dreamer And A Thinker With This Weird Thing.

Whatever I dream or think about, the opposite happens, generally negative for me, and it's been happening from quite some time now, so I can assure you it's not fluke.

I have such instances everyday, but it I have poor memory so I do forget some big important ones.

  1. Last year, I was at the fun fair in my school. It was time to go home. They had the lucky draw going on and there were total 3 prizes. First 2 times, it didn't happen. I told my friend that we'll go home, as I had lost all hope. He told me to wait. I won the 3rd lucky draw.

  2. Again it was there this year. I thought that i'll try to win again this time. I did not.

  3. I thought that i'll take a good photo to put as a profile picture on Facebook. I got 40 boo's.

  4. I thought i'll go to "the girl I like" 's building and have a private time together. She had gone out.

  5. Again I went to her building, hoping this time she'll come. She was sleeping.

  6. I thought I did the test well. I just passed. 

  7. I made a funny meme. I thought people will love it. No one liked it.

  8. Late night, I thought my parents had gone to sleep, so that I could sneak in and take the laptop to access EP, they were wide awake.

  9. I did not do my tuition homework once. I thought the teacher will kill me. She completely forgot about it.

  10. Last year, the night before an exam, I hadn't completed my syllabus. I thought I was gonna fail miserably. I stayed up the whole night and finished it. I was able to repeat this success with one more subject. I got 74/100 and 75/100 respectively, which isn't so bad.

  11. I thought i'll be able to repeat this previous success. Never succeeded since then. I've been getting bad grades miserably. Why? Cause I feel that I can do it again. Even now. I have my exams starting from 4th and today is 2nd. I still haven't started. 

  12. I told myself to start studying at 12 PM. 4:21 PM and still not touched a book. 

  13. Last year I went for a summer school program. I thought i'll make lots of friends. People told me that i'm the one who remains aloof, the one who hasn't made many friends. 

  14. I am currently eating these tablets which provide vitamins and minerals. They say they improve your stamina and keep you alert all day. I've been sleeping more than 15 hours ever since i've started taking them. 

  15. Once while going back home from tuition I checked my pockets. I couldn't feel my phone. I thought I dropped it. I was mentally panicking. I found it in the car.

Sorry if these aren't good examples. My memory is really really poor. I forget stuff as soon as I try to remember it. 

But you get the basic idea. I am now a negative person. I hope that my negative thinking brings positive actions, as my positive actions "ALWAYS" bring negative thinking. And it's not easy for me to think negative, cause I always think positive.

But I hope you understand what i'm trying to say..
owlcity01 owlcity01
13-15, M
Jan 2, 2013