Little "whisper Foot" And I

Whilst walking through the wood this evening I was standing by a lake, a small one, and taking in the evening breeze, I was happy that for a short moment the rains had stopped here in the northwest. I made my course through bush and thistle, and began to speak with the forest about what was going on. Now you may think me a little bit strange, but wait a minute and I'll explain. The forest is not just a place of beauty, but of communication. When I say I began to speak to the forest what I mean is this. I break a twig here and there, look for tracks of other animals. I also listen for the squawking of birds in their trees. I hooted with a great horned owl. Chirped at a nesting bald eagle. And began to leave. As I turned to leave smiling at the nested eagle. In the background I heard great owl leave his perch and fly a few trees over, and began hooting at the forest floor. He was telling everyone that a creature was walking the wood from the east. I climbed a short birch to gain height and perch waiting for the creature to come. No scurry, no chatter, no strong scent came over the wood, no sound from the cloven hoof. So I knew it was not a raccoon, a skunk, a chipmunk, or a deer. It must have a padded foot. The options were clear... Bear, Cougar, Coyote. Bear and Cougar stick to the highlands in this area, so naturally I figured it was coyote. Moments passed, without sight, or sound. Great owl returned to his perch and continued with his night. And the eagle went back to resting. I decided I would go ahead and leave assuming that the coyote must have left. Back to the ground I went. I placed both my feet on the ground and looked to the east on the trail, I saw nothing. Looked to the west and there about 50 yards away back-lit by the moonlight stood a medium sized coyote up the trail. He was taking the same path I was. I watched him and he watched me. He turned his nose up at the moon, then looked at me and then left as if to say "the hour is late, and I have had my fun with you, good bye". I looked at the ground for his tracks and found that he had passed not more than 20 feet behind me at the tree, sat down and watched me for a moment while I tried to figure out what he was. He paced back and forth a couple times towards the tree. And then carried on. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but coyotes do not do that. He seemed to know all about me, and wanted to get closer without crouching as if ready to attack (It leaves different prints). Using my tomahawk I marked the tree with a arrow to remember the experience. I have named the coyote "Whisper Foot" and I do hope he messes with me again.
CoffeeKev CoffeeKev
31-35, M
Jan 8, 2013